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Welcome to Rinteln upon Weser!
Rinteln, the former citadel and college town is situated in the „heart“ of the picturesque Weserhighland. Very early Rinteln, attracting today thousands of visitors because of it’s lovingly restored city with numerous half-timbered and Weserrenaissance buildings, was well known and an important trading base.
To get to know Rinteln and its past you can visit the museum “Eulenburg”.

On and along the river Weser you can do a lot free time activities. So this river is one of the reasons you should come to see Rinteln. This town not only fits for sightseeing but also for a restful holiday.

Here are a few free time activities among others:
hiking along the Weserrange and through the highland of Nordlippe
several bike tours
historic steam trains, boat trips, museum
aquatic sports, heated outdoor pool, indoor pools, beach resort, glider flying
art gallery, guided city walks, fairs, city festivals, fleamarkets and, and, and.....


Marktstraße 7
31737 Rinteln

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05751 4039-80




Hameln / Hamelin

Embedded into the gentle hills of the Weser Mountains Region lies, to the left and the right of the river Weser, the town of Hamelin.
Amongst Cinderella and the Lying Baron of Münchhausen this is the home of the darkest fellow from the German Fairy-tale Route – the Pied Piper.
More than a million day tourists are drawn to Hamelin each year.
One of the reasons being the strange Piper, but no less the magnificent old town of Hamelin.

Within the beautiful Weser Mountains Region Hamelin is starting point for many
delightful strolls, walk- and bike tours or trips by riverboat.
Numerous leisure time activities for water enthusiastic, culturally interested or
sport loving people are enriching a stay in Hamelin.

Hameln Marketing und Tourismus GmbH
Deisterallee 1 (am Bürgergarten)
31785 Hameln
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Trend and Tradition...

...you’ll find both in the charming town of Bückeburg which is idyllically located at the edge of the Weserbergland in Lower Saxony. The castle of the Schaumburg-Lippe family, Germany’s only Court Riding School, and the unique Helicopter Museum are among the known sights of the town.

Bückeburg used to be the seat of government of the Counts of Schaumburg and later on of the Counts and Princes of Schaumburg-Lippe for centuries. The castle which is situated on an island and surrounded by water was built as a moated castle by Count Adolf VI of Holstein-Schaumburg in 1302.

The castle has been continuously occupied since its construction and some parts have been open for public viewing since 1925. Especially the Golden chamber with the famous Götterpforte (religious relic of deities) and the Great ballroom impress visitors during the guided castle tour. The elaborate golden carvings of the castle chapel are also worth seeing. The castle is surrounded by a well-kept English garden that invites visitors to take long walks.

You can enjoy royal coffee and the finest hot chocolate in the historical ambience of the old castle kitchen. Souvenirs and information material is available in the museum shop.

Schlossplatz 5
31675 Bückeburg

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Ringhotel "Der Waldkater"

DE-31737 Rinteln

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